Spare inner tubes are a must have for any cyclist as these lightweight, inexpensive items can really save the day should you experience a puncture whilst out riding. It is very important that you select the right size tubes for your rims paying close attention to both diameter and width.

In most cases the required dimensions will be written on the side wall of your tyre for easy reference.

It is also important to purchase tubes with valves that are compatible with your bike pump. There are two main types of valves used in bike tyre tubes:

  • Schrader Valves - These are commonly referred to as ‘car type’ valves as they are the same valve system that is used on most car tyres. Generally Schrader vales are only used on recreational bikes which require lower pressures than a road bike.
  • Presta Valves - These have a thinner stem than a Schrader valve and are usually found on higher pressure tubes for road bikes.

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