Whether you’re new to cycling or are a pro, there is a style of jersey that will suit your riding needs. Jerseys come in all different colours, zipper lengths and sleeve lengths with many other features to keep in mind.

Full zip jerseys are awesome for climbing and cycling in heat because you can unzip all the way and feel the breeze. Half zip jerseys let you cool off without getting smacked repeatedly by your flapping jersey and zipper. Short zip jerseys are great for cool weather just to let off a little steam.

Short Sleeves

Thin, short-sleeved jerseys are ideal for summer riding. They will often include mesh to keep you cool and SPF (sun protection factor) to keep you from burning. Summer jerseys will wick moisture and keep you cool and will dry quickly.

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Long Sleeves

Long-sleeved jerseys can keep you warmer in cooler riding conditions, but a thin long-sleeved jersey can also serve as great sun protection. Some long-sleeved jerseys feature waterproofing material and extra layering on the front to keep out wind chills.

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Mountain Bike

Mountain bike jerseys also come in a variety of styles. They can be worn on their own, under a jersey, or with a base layer in cooler temperatures. While not as fitted as a road jersey you want to avoid getting a mountain bike jersey that is too big and will catch branches as you ride, but some riders will opt for a slightly baggier jersey to fit body armour underneath. Mountain bike jerseys, like road jerseys, will come with pockets on the back for nutrition and tools.

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Most jerseys will have multiple rear pockets on the back of the jersey. This is great for stashing your minipump and some gels, and a lot of jerseys also feature a small zipper pocket in the back as well for money or keys.

No matter what style of jersey you have it’s a good idea to get a close fit that will keep from snagging on anything the trail throws at you or puffing up in the wind. Most modern jerseys are cut longer in the back and have angled sleeves that keep the jersey from shrinking up in places while you’re in riding position.