The 2019 Merida eSpresso is a versatile urban electric bike designed for the recreational rider and commuter. This bike is well suited to less experienced riders as well as capable riders who would like to travel further but want the extra assistance that electric bikes provide. Electric bikes such as the Merida eSpresso makes cycling a viable means of transport for people who want to ride to work but feel intimidated by distance or hills.

Available in a range of models, the eSpresso suits all types of riders. The entry-level 2019 Merida eSpresso 200, is great for those after a well-rounded eBike to take on recreational or leisure rides. Featuring a Shimano groupset, hydraulic disc brakes and the Shimano Steps E5000 motor system, this bike offers fantastic quality at a sharp price point.

As we move up the range, we come to the 2019 Merida eSpresso 300 EQ. The 300 EQ has all the benefits of the entry level eSpresso range, with added Fenders, Rack, kickstand and integrated lights, making this the perfect bike for commuting.

The Shimano Steps E5000 motor and E8010 battery combine to provide you with all the power you will need to tackle any hills without breaking a sweat. You can expect to be able to recharge this battery from flat to full over 1,000 times before experiencing any significant power loss. Pair that with the lifetime frame warranty from Merida and you can rest assured that this bike is made to last.

The 300 EQ also comes equipped with a 9 speed Shimano drivetrain and hydraulic disc brakes. Hydraulic brakes have a significant advantage over other systems by providing more consistent feel and stopping power in all conditions, without any need for ongoing adjustments. The drivetrain and shifting are also provided by Shimano to ensure a quiet ride.

A suspension fork from Suntour takes care of the potholes, curbs, and cobblestones. Combine that with the wide 42c tyres from Continental and you can expect a smooth and comfortable ride.

The eSpresso moves through to more advanced components and frame quality in the higher end 500 and 600 models to suit those looking for even more out of their commute.

Overall, the Merida eSpresso is a great option for riders looking for an electric bike to take on recreational rides and commutes.

The Merida eSpresso is available for test ride and purchase at 99 Bikes stores across Australia. You can also buy online and collect one from your local stores built up and ready to ride away. All of our bikes come with a free professional bike fit; guaranteed best price and 30 day perfect ride - which means you can ride it for 30 days and if you don't love it, you can swap it free.

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