All cyclists should own a set of basic bike tools to keep their ride in a safe and optimal condition. The types of bicycle tools you may want can be broken down into two broad categories: essentials you'll need while you're out riding and extras to have at home to keep your bike running smoothly.

Out Riding

It is always a good idea to carry a range of small tools with you when you’re out riding in order to fix any mechanical issues or simply to make small adjustments on the fly. At a minimum you should carry:

  • A set of Allen Keys in relevant sizes to your bike (a folding multi tool is a great option here)
  • Tyre levers to make removing your tyre from your rim easier & faster, and
  • A patch kit to fix any punctures

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At Home

The amount of tools you require at home will generally depend on your mechanical prowess and desire to maintain your bike yourself rather than having a professional do it for you (we love fixing bikes if you’re not that way inclined). Regardless of technical know-how, most bike riding enthusiasts will keep the following bike tools at home:

  • Chain lubricant
  • Bike washing liquid, and
  • A larger set of Allen keys & wrenches

For the serious bike mechanic, we also stock a range of repair stands which are great for holding your bike while you work on it.

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