Wheels can have a huge impact on the speed, weight and overall handling of your bike. The right wheel-set for you will depend mainly on the type of riding that you’ll be doing. The goal is to find the balance between weight, durability, and your budget.

Mountain Bike Wheels

Mountain bike wheels are most commonly available in 3 different diameters - 26”, 27.5”, & 29” and it’s important to get the right size wheels for your frame to ensure that your bike handles as intended.

The next consideration to make is the width of the rims. Mountain bike wheels come in a range of widths which cater to different riding scenarios. If you’re into downhill mountain biking then you’ll most likely want a wider rim (2.2” +) to provide maximum grip over varying terrains, whereas if cross country is more your style, then a slimmer rim will provide lower rolling resistance over flatter ground.

Finally, if your mountain bike uses non-disc brakes, then it’s very important to choose wheels that have a braking surface for your brake pads to make contact with.

Road Bike Wheels

Road bike wheels are most commonly available in one size which is 700c which will generally fit most adult sized bikes.

In terms of width, the general rule of thumb is the narrower the faster however the increase in speed comes with a trade off in comfort and you’ll find your ride a little firmer than if you had a wider rim.

BMX Wheels

BMX wheels are generally designed to do one thing - take a beating. As with road and mountain bike rims, BMX wheels come in various diameters and widths with 20” x 32mm being the most common.

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