This article was written by Aldo, one of our four sponsored riders in the Commuter Challenge.

Aldo has been leading the way in Commuter Challenge, turning his 24.5km journey from home to work into a bike ride on most days.

Admitting he would love to drop a few extra kilos, we were pumped to hear Aldo has already lost 3kg since he started Commuter Challenge! Riding to work is a great option for Aldo, who saves on average 15 mins each way by trading in the congested Melbourne roads, for purpose-built, traffic-free bike ways. This means Aldo is currently saving around 2 hours a week worth of time by leaving his car at home. This is not to mention that he is also getting his exercise done at the same time, so is not having to add that on before or after his commute.

Three Bike Commuter Tips from Aldo:

  1. Plan the week and check the weather forecasts so you choose the best days to ride.
  2. Most rides home at this time of year will be in the dark. Good quality lights are very important to see and be seen.
  3. Download an app called 'Snap Send Solve' which let's you quickly and easily report incidents to council. You can take a photo of a pothole for example and the app uses your geo-location to direct it to the right local authority.