If you’re travelling with your bike as cargo, then a good quality bike bag is a must have. Bike bags are specially made cases that protect your bike and its components from incidental damage when being transported. Many models feature foam padding and hard panels to reduce movement and protect delicate parts (such as rims).

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Weight is also an important factor to consider when purchasing a bike bag as this will help you save on additional luggage costs when flying with your bike. A lighter bag will also make your life easier when transporting it to and from the airport. Although, it is important to keep in mind that lighter models tend to offer less protection than their heavier counterparts so look for something around the 5-10kg mark to find the right balance between protection and weight. Other features to look out for when buying a bike bag include; integrated wheel compartments, waterproofing, casters and other storage pockets which come in handy for stashing pedals, computers and other accessories.

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Browse through our wide range of bicycle storage options, perfect for keeping your bike protected and in good working order. Most cycling storage products are suitable for use within the home or garage and are easy to install. Whether you are looking for a permanent fixture or something that can be easily moved, you’ll find the perfect storage option in our range of products. Many storage options are designed to suit all styles of bicycles, from Mountain bikes and road bikes to BMXs. Both floor stands and wall mounted storage hooks are available for purchase, providing a varied range of options for your storage needs.