Indoor cycling has become a popular way to stay fit, especially when weather or other circumstances hinder outdoor rides. To make the most of your indoor cycling sessions, having the right gear and accessories is crucial. The question is often asked, “What gear and accessories do I need for Indoor Cycling?”

JetBlack Cycling, a renowned name in the cycling industry, offers a range of innovative solutions that dramatically enhances your indoor cycling experience. In this blog, we'll explore the essential gear and accessories you need for indoor cycling, with a special focus on the cutting-edge products from JetBlack Cycling.


1. Indoor Trainer

The Foundation of Your Workout: A high-quality indoor trainer is at the heart of your indoor cycling setup. Look for a model that is certified to use with Zwift and other training apps, and has a heart rate bridge built in so you can pair your heart rate monitor with your trainer. Make sure you choose a trainer that includes a pre-installed cassette, as this is often over looked and adds to the purchase price and is not easily installed at home.  The JetBlack VOLT trainer ticks all the boxes and also replicates the feel of a real road while providing a smooth and challenging workout.


2. Riser Blocks and Front Wheel Supports

Optimal Positioning: When training indoors the front wheel needs to be level or slightly higher than the back wheel. If it is even a small amount lower, it will be really uncomfortable and puts stress on the arms and shoulders. A wheel block lifts the front wheel to be level. Those models that lift the front wheel AND allow the handlebars to move are best for ergonomic comfort and also protects the bike frame from stress. Steering at the moment it's all the rage on indoor cycling apps, and if your budget allows, purchasing a steering block that allows you to steer within an app will future proof your setup.


3. Display and Device Holders

What type of device will you use to display your indoor training app such as Zwift? If you are using a tablet or laptop device, then a good quality indoor training table will enhance your experience. A training table provides a sturdy platform that is easy to reach for your laptop and includes device slots to hold a tablet or phone. Other items that are used whilst indoor cycling such as gels, remotes, towels or bottles can also be placed on the table. For those who want to multitask, an indoor trainer table is a fantastic addition. JetBlack Cycling's tables are designed to hold your laptop, tablet, or book securely, allowing you to catch up on work, entertainment, or reading while you pedal away. They also feature handy device slots for holding a tablet or phone in a secure, upright position.

For those using a TV, it is really important not to mount the TV too high. An indoor training TV stand is the perfect solution for keeping the TV nice and low and angling the screen at a 15 degree angle towards the rider. This takes strain off your neck as gives a lovely immersive experience. 

A trainer tray is also a handy utility device for keeping remotes, phones and snacks handy whilst on the bike. The best trainer tray on the market includes a mount to fit directly into your Garmin or Wahoo computer mount.


4. Keeping your cool

An absolute essential for indoor training is a good quality fan. Even when training in colder months your body will heat up within a few minutes of riding and will require airflow to keep it cool for optimum performance. It's important to choose a fan that has strong direct airflow that covers most of the body for evaporative cooling. Many of the indoor training apps have group rides and a common mistake is to join a group ride without changing the fan on and then have to climb off the bike to turn the fan on and get dropped.

Try to choose a model that has a remote control so that the fan can be turned on and off without having to get off the bike.


5. Other Essentials

Finally, invest in a good quality indoor training mat. This will keep your trainer from slipping on smooth floor and add a layer of protection to the floor from sweat. A heart rate monitor paired to your indoor training app will also help to provide useful data for your sessions and is an important device for those taking their indoor training seriously.

Having the right gear and accessories can greatly enhance your experience. JetBlack Cycling's innovative solutions provide a comprehensive range of options to elevate your indoor cycling setup. Whether you're looking for a realistic ride experience, technology integration, or accessories to optimize your comfort and performance, JetBlack Cycling has you covered. Invest in the right gear, and get ready to pedal your way to fitness success without leaving the comfort of your home.