If you’ve ever wanted to make the switch to an e-bike, but still need to lug all your stuff around with you, then an e-cargo bike could be just what you need. Whether it’s dropping the kids off at school, carrying your furry friends or getting the groceries, we’re now stocking an awesome range of e-cargo bikes for you to choose from - click here to check them out

Still not convinced? Here are our top reasons to ditch the car and get yourself an e-cargo bike.

1. Cycling is great for the environment!

One of the biggest reasons to get an e-cargo bike is its positive impact on the environment. By ditching the car and opting for the bike, you can massively reduce your carbon footprint. We know riding can be a harder choice sometimes, especially when you live in a hilly area.  But if you want to do your bit for the environment AND carry all your stuff with you, pour que no los dos?

An e-cargo bike is the perfect compromise. You’ll have all the cargo space you need and your legs will thank you because as you start pedalling, the motor gives you an extra boost and makes the ride a breeze. Plus, no more traffic! Peak hour will no longer be an issue and you can enjoy your daily trips without the hassle of being bumper to bumper, bliss!

2. Save Money On Soaring Petrol Prices + Free Parking! 

Not only is driving your car negatively impacting the environment, but it’s also a burden on your bank account. With all the carrying capabilities you need for your everyday trips, you can start saving on petrol by getting yourself an e-cargo bike. Plus, you'll never have to pay for parking again, woo! 

But how much would it actually save you? In Australia, the average passenger vehicle travels 11,100km annually, which requires 1,232 litres of fuel. Based on the current average fuel prices, this would cost almost $2,400 per year, which doesn’t account for loan repayments, servicing, registration and insurance. 

3. It’s Good For you

One of the most rewarding reasons to get one is that it provides you with consistent exercise that doesn’t take a heavy physical toll. You may have a motor assisting your ride but you’re still on a bike, and that means you’re staying active outdoors. 

There is also the added bonus of positively impacting your mental health. Cycling is known for having many mental health benefits and by replacing a dull trip in the car with a refreshing bike ride, your physical health won’t be the only thing that improves. 

4. Carry Everything You Need

You can make the school drop off more exciting with a trip in the sunshine. Trips to the supermarket will be easier than ever with enough room for all your groceries and an added bonus is no more car park traffic jams! Got a home improvement project on the way and you need to make the quick trip to Bunnings? Jump on the e-cargo bike and grab what you need. 

With an e-cargo bike, you get all the practicality of a car, with all the positives of a bike. It’s not hard to see why they have become increasingly popular in Europe.  

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