Mother’s day in 2020 will definitely be different. Social distancing will change the way Australians usually celebrate, and may influence what they choose as the perfect gift for mum on her special day.

After all, the coronavirus pandemic has not only influenced our daily lives, but in many cases, also our priorities. Now, more than ever, we prioritise staying healthy and enjoying time with our family.

Mother’s day this year is the perfect opportunity to give mum a gift that’ll help her stay healthy and that she can enjoy with the whole family.

Here are 5 of the best Mother’s day gifts in 2020.

Woman riding past stall of flowers on hybrid bike


Whether your mum is an enthusiastic bike rider or a beginner, there’s a women’s bike or unisex bike model that will suit her perfectly.

If your mum is a casual rider or beginner: a recreation bike is the way to go. They’re easy to ride and will provide mum with a comfortable and fun bike ride. Some of the great features of a recreational bike are:

  • Upright and comfortable seating position
  • Lightweight frame
  • Gears for hassle-free pedalling and smooth shifting
  • Easy brake control
  • Comfortable saddle and suspension seat post

Women riding a mountain bike up hill into the outer city limits

If your mum could use a bike upgrade: upgrading mum’s bike can be a fantastic mother’s day gift that will open up a whole new level of exciting bike rides for her. Some of the best bikes to upgrade mum’s ride are:

A women’s mountain bike, or a unisex mountain bike, is a lightweight and versatile bike. Some of the features that make a mountain bike a fantastic Mother’s day gift are:

  • Comfortable saddle (on some models, specifically designed for women)
  • Lightweight and strong frame
  • Easy to ride on different gradients
  • Adjustable brakes to reduce hand fatigue
  • Extremely cool, and will make mum look like a pro!

An adventure road bike is another good option. They’re similar to a normal road bike but provide an extra level of durability:

  • Same comfortable riding position of a road bike
  • Fast and efficient for road riding
  • Versatile and able to do off-road bike riding

Looking for something totally different? If mum already has a regular bike, or if she enjoys easy and fast rides, then an electric bike, or e-bike, can be a great gift for her.

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Women riding road bikes whilst wear women's cycling clothing

Stylish & Useful Women's Cycling Clothes

Having the right cycling clothes protects you from the elements, whilst allowing you to move freely and enjoy the ride more. These are some of the best cycling clothes to give mum on mother’s day:

Women’s cycling jersey: lightweight and breathable, which prevents sweat from building up. They can also have practical zip pockets and reflective trims to increase visibility to other road users.

Women’s cycling jacket: a fundamental garment in mum’s bike riding wardrobe. A cycling jacket is light and at the same time, gives excellent protection against wind and rain.

Women’s bib knicks: made with stretch fabric and designed specially to fit women’s bodies. Bib Knicks help mum ride comfortably as they always stay in place.

Women’s cycling shorts: comfortable shorts made with special materials that keep you dry.

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Women's Cycling Shoes

Cycling shoes are not just about comfort. They protect feet and keep them in an optimal position on the pedals while riding. Mum will be riding easier, and faster!

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Woman wearing mountain bike helmet

Bike Helmets

A new bike helmet is a good Mother’s day gift, even if mum already has one. A helmet with the latest technology provides the best protection against unexpected impacts.

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Bike Gloves

A great gift for beginners and enthusiastic bike riders. Good cycling gloves offer padding and shock absorption, giving mum more mobility, comfort and protection.

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