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Hi I'm Cam! Living in the South West with my family and riding my way to a better life.


Update Five

Wednesday, 9 June 2021

Update Four

Friday, 21 May 2021

I got sick this week (nothing contagious!)... But I have to tell you, riding to and from work was made easy by just turning the bike to sport or turbo and letting the engine do a bit more work for me. It really made a tough week a lot easier for me, and for that I am grateful! My friends moved D&D night from a half hour car ride away to the same town as me, and I rode around on Sunday night with a full duffel bag on my back and a backpack on my front! It was a bit tough going compared to my normal rides but I got there just fine with ALL of my minis, books, dice, food and drinks! This also led to my first night time ride, heading home late at night in pitch black! Adrian at 99Bikes in Belmont had told me about the battery life of my light being way longer in flashing mode, so I set that and pedalled home with no issues! I was able to see absolutely fine between a few streetlights and the strobe lighting from my bike! I keep finding out I can do more and more with this bike that I didn't expect, or wouldn't have tried with my old bike. Awesome!

Update Three

Thursday, 6 May 2021

"Sweet! Really getting into the rhythm and habit of cycling to work every day. Even in rain and bad weather, this bike handles super well. Who needs a car?! The only time I've needed the car was for groceries and longer trips. Even then, I *could* cycle it, but I was on a time constraint! I've noticed that the paths and roads around my neighbourhood are all pretty friendly to cyclists and I can get wherever I need to be pretty easily! I won't be going back to using the car all the time!"

Update Two

Wednesday, 28 April 2021

I took my longest ride ever this week... To get a haircut! I rode from Eaton to Bunbury and back. There were roadworks on the road and paths into Bunbury along the foreshore so I chucked the ebike into turbo mode and rode along the gravel path they had set out for bikes. Now this would have been a nightmare if not for the electric engine giving some assistance. That path was not well made, and it was slippery from dirt and loose stones. The ebike handled it like a champ and I was on my way again on proper paths in no time. I parked the ebike next to all the manual bikes outside a lovely little bicycle cafe called Melo Velo and shot off for a haircut. I felt quite safe leaving the bike there thanks to the heavy duty lock provided by 99bikes. Heading back out of Bunbury was much the same as the trip in, but I left the bike in sport mode for a bit more assistance as I was a bit tired in the legs! I got home with plenty of battery left (enough to make the trip several times). Absolutely revolutionary to be able to ride all the way into Bunbury without having to take the car. I don't know what emissions saving that is, but I also got the exercise, sunshine and enjoyment of a beautiful ride. Looking forward to getting my green team shirt and showing off the brand soon

Update One

Wednesday, 7 April 2021

I picked up my bike Wednesday 31st March - the team at 99Bikes Belmont were awesome.

I met Adrian who set the bike up for me and talked me through the controls and charging process. He walked me through the store (the range of stock is impressive, by the way) and I met the team and saw where they work on servicing and repairing bikes.

Now, the bike... Wow. I've never had the pleasure of riding an E-bike before and it is really quite the experience!

I have a few hills and rough spots on my way to work everyday and the bike makes it an absolute breeze. I'm used to going up hill in first and second gear at about 8km/h... Now I can fly up at 25km/h in 5th gear like its nothing.

I didn't get any rides in over Easter since I spent all my time with family but I'm looking forward to riding a lot more over the coming weeks! my brother and dad had great fun trying it out up and down the street!

Audition Video 

Monday, 01 March 2021