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I ride a mountain bike, e-Scooter and now e-Bike. My commute to work at the Sunshine Coast University Hospital is about 11 km's on bike paths with an awesome view of the waterways and natural landscape including some National Park areas.

I love surfing and trail riding on weekends and am now commuting to work 5 days a week on one of my environmentally friendly rides, helping to reduce emissions and improving my fitness, health and headspace. #nowletsride


Update Five

Monday, 31 May 2021

Update Four

Monday, 10 May 2021

This week I converted my CUBE eMTB to a tubeless tyre setup. The reason I chose to go tubeless is that in addition to my daily commutes to work, I also ride mountain bike trails which feature rocky sections, tree roots and other technical surfaces which can cause regular punctures or pinch flats when riding with regular tyre tubes. Running tubeless allows you to ditch the inner tube and run air and sealant inside the tyre that will repair small punctures while you continue to ride. Additionally, it's possible to run lower tyre pressures for improved grip and ride feel on off road surfaces.

A lot of CUBE mountain and hybrid bikes are "tubeless ready" which generally means the rims and tyres are ready for the conversion however you will still need to get tubeless valves, sealant and tubeless rim tape. All of which are stocked by 99 Bikes stores, search 'tubeless' or 'stans' on website.

After purchasing my sealant, rim tape and valves, this was a DIY job as I have had experience using Stans No Tubes systems on other bikes. If you are considering going tubeless research the 'How To' on YouTube or talk to 99 Bikes mechanics for guidance. #nowletsride

Update Three

Thursday, 29 April 2021

Crisper mornings and sensational sunny days, commuting to and from work on the ebike was a pleasure this week. Just a great way to start and finish a work day with fresh air and a clear headspace. With the favourable weather continuing into the weekend I went for an intensive trail ride on the national park fire trails really putting the CUBE to work on some rocky hill climbs which it handled with ease. To top off the weekend I did my longest ebike ride to date. A 63 km coastal adventure along the bike paths and boardwalks from Mooloolaba to Coolum and back, taking time to enjoy the magnificent viewpoints along the way. I was interested to see how far the battery would assist me using a variety of modes including TOUR, EMTB and TURBOT and to my surprise it didn't run out of juice until the very end of the ride. Awesome!

Update Two

Monday, 12 April 2021

This week, following a combination of the Queensland Covid restrictions and torrential rain, I took the inspiring arrival of sunshine as my signal to go on coastal rides in my free time.

The versatility of a Cube hybrid e-bike offers a mix of a road bike and mountain bike features, a ride that’s suitable for general-purpose riding over various types of terrain.

The hybrid e-bike can be used for commuting to and from work as well as exploring various other terrains including gravel, muddy and sandy surfaces, topped off with some magnificent views.

Update One

Monday, 5 April 2021

A week of relentless rain ...

The rain on the Sunshine Coast for the last week has been non stop, however my ride commutes to work continued with a few drenchings along the way. Fortunately its not cold here so getting wet on a ride is not a big deal and I have changerooms and dry clothes at work.

Recently, when I collected my ebike from 99 Bikes Kawana, I quizzed store manager Steve if it's okay to ride an ebike in the rain, even if its pouring? I also asked about off road trail riding in the wet. Steve's response was exactly what I had hoped, riding an ebike in the rain will not damage it. And as for trail riding he said 'get it dirty' and have fun, just DON'T submerge it in a deep puddle or creek!

So Easter Sunday I took the opportunity to ride some National Park amd Reserve trails in the rain - the hybrid Cube ebike made easy work of the wet and muddy trails. This type of riding is a bit more techincal with rocky sections and lots of slippery tree roots. In preparation for this I had upgraded my pedals and put a mud guard on the front. Super fun 2 hour ride and spotted lots of wildlife.

Importantly, when I got home I took the time to give the bike a good clean, dried it off, put the battery on charge and gave the chain a fresh lubrication, Ready for tomorrow. #nowletsride

Audition Video 

Monday, 01 March 2021