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Having worked in engineering and manufacturing, I've seen first-hand the environmental toll that we place on our planet.

My experience has made me more aware of the long-term consequences of my actions, and what a big difference small changes can make!

I am now working part-time at a green tech startup whilst completing my postgrad in Environmental Engineering at UNSW. I hope to be an advocate for our planet and inspire others to do what they can to live as sustainably as possible.

In my spare time I love hanging out with my partner, our staffy Hammer, and our friends.

I enjoy the great Aussie outdoors and various fitness activities like swimming, gymnastics, bouldering, and hiking.

I'm sure I will love cycling just as much and can't wait to go on riding adventures around Sydney!


Update Seven

Wednesday, 9 June 2021

Update Six

Monday, 31 May 2021

I sometimes get lower back pain after cycling, especially after a long ride, which prompted me to do some research into this. Turned out my posture was pretty terrible, so this is something I’ve been taking note of and constantly correcting on my trips the past couple of weeks. All the sources seem to agree on these points:

  • Don’t shrug your shoulders, keep them relaxed and dropped
  • Bend your elbows, but keep wrists straight
  • Maintain a neutral spine by engaging your core
  • Knees in line with foot, not bowing out to the side

On top of this, as with any exercise, you should stretch afterwards (something I neglected to do prior to this…) Here are some pictures of me attempting to demonstrate what to avoid (left) and what to do (right), though obviously I’m still new to this so take it with a grain of salt.

Update Five

Monday, 24 May 2021

What a wet and miserable week that was… On top of the bad weather, I also had a close encounter with a bus who overtook me but ended up crowding me out. It was pretty scary at the time but I take solace that it’s taken this long for my first negative experience road riding in Sydney. On a lighter note, the weather cleared temporarily for me to enjoy this spectacular sunset on my way home - simple pleasures :)

Update Four

Tuesday, 4 May 2021

It's been a smokey week in Sydney so I had a harder time keeping up the km's. Good thing I have the Bay Run nearby to catch up to the others.

Update Three

Tuesday, 4 May 2021

It has been a hectic week for me being the last week of uni. Having seen my to-do list, the thought of driving and saving myself the travel time was very tempting! But this challenge keeps me on the wheels and the time was not wasted at all. I spent the rides mulling things over and by the time I got to uni, I could get writing right away. It’s amazing what a difference a breath of fresh air can make (or maybe it’s the increased blood flow, or both!)

Update Two

Monday, 19 April 2021

It’s been about a month since I got my Merida eSpresso ebike so I thought I’d share my experience with her so far. I’m coming from this as an almost-amateur; I know how to ride a bike but never did it enough to be super confident with it. I was a little nervous when I picked her up at my local 99 Bikes store as the last bike I had 10 years ago was a fixie that was not at all well-fitted. Huge shout out to the Stanmore team for making sure I had everything I needed to go on my Meri way (ha)

The bike is pretty much a complete package, you only need an extra lock for the front wheel. There are 9 gears and 4 assist modes (0-3). I usually keep mine on level 1 just so I’m still working out (but defs hit up that level 3 for hills!) My average speed is 20-25 km/hr without having to exert myself very hard. I ride ~50km / week and the battery lasts me well over a week. I’ve also ridden in pretty heavy rains and the brakes hold up very well. The suspension is amazing and makes for a very smooth riding experience.

I was pleasantly surprised at the number of bike lanes around Sydney’s Inner West. Cycling has been a great way to start and end my day and I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my fitness level already. Needless to say, I love this bike and am thrilled to be part of the Green Team this year!

Update One

Monday, 12 April 2021

Over the past couple of weeks, I've replaced my commutes, where possible, with cycling. So far I've covered 112km, which is equal to 13.44kg of CO2 emissions mitigated! Not only is this good for the environment, it is incredible for my fitness and I've noticed a lot of improvement on my riding ability already. My partner has become inspired by me taking part in the green team and wants a bike of his own so that we can ride to brunch spots and breweries on the weekend. I've managed to convert one person so far but he won't be the last!

Audition Video 

Monday, 01 March 2021