What do you think that riding your bike, tying your shoelaces and playing the guitar have in common? Once you’ve learnt how to do any of these activities, you’ll never forget them. They become stored within what’s known as procedural memory.

So if you’ve recently started cycling, congratulations! You’ve just added valuable long-lasting information to your memory. What’s next? To learn some simple and important cycling tips for beginners that’ll make your ride more fun, easier and safer. They too, will stay with you for life.

Cyclist wearing helmets


Wearing the right cycling clothes is key because they help you ride more securely by allowing your body to move more freely. They also protect your body from all weather conditions.

Wearing a bike helmet is a national road law. Riding a bike is usually a safe activity, but unexpected accidents can always happen. If you’re wearing a bike helmet, you can potentially reduce the risk of a head injury, as well as reducing the chance of neck and face injuries.

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Cyclist sitting next to bike with front and rear light on


Make sure you have a good front bike light and a rear bike light before you hit the road, and turn them on even during the day.

Lack of daylight is not the only factor that can cause an accident involving a cyclist. Many times, distraction or tiredness can cause a car driver, a pedestrian or another cyclist not to see you, and having a bike light on during the day will alert these other road users of your presence.

Also, as we head towards the winter months, daylight hours are becoming shorter, and you must increase your visibility at all times. Azur and other recognised brands now offer bike lights that include a mode specifically designed for daytime.

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The two main contact points when riding your bike are: your hands and...yes, your butt! If you want to fully enjoy your bike rides, they both must be well-protected and comfortable.

The must-have features for a good pair of bike gloves are a gel-padded palm area, and silicon grips that prevent slipping.

When it comes to your backside you can make your bike ride more pleasant by having a good pair of cycling Knicks and the right saddle.

Some characteristics of the best cycling knicks are: padded areas, improved stretching on the legs, silicone grip and reinforced stitching.

Your bike saddle should have a good anatomical design. Some of the most advanced models easily adapt to your body and use memory foam for even pressure distribution.

Other cycling clothes that can improve comfort are arm warmers and knee warmers, a cycling vest and a cycling jacket. Some cycling jackets also have reflective trims or are reversible with a full-reflective side, both great options for that late commute home.

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Close up of bike being washed with foam bike wash


And your bike will love you back! You’ll enjoy much smoother rides, and for much longer.

Cleaning and maintenance for your bike is as important as it is for your car. Remember to have it serviced regularly by a qualified bike mechanic.

There’s also maintenance that you can do at home, but to do it in an easy and efficient way, you need the right products. Krush products are great to clean your bike with after every ride, and Rock N Roll lube to keep your drive train lubed and working smoothly.

A good quality floor pump is another key element in your bike kit, as it’ll keep your bike tyres at the right pressure and make them last for longer.

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Bike accessories can help you fully enjoy those first bike rides, and will continue to be useful when you become a more regular bike rider. Consider getting a saddle bag to store your keys and other small valuables, panniers for carrying larger items like your laptop or the groceries, a practical bottle cage and a good quality bike bell.

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