electric bikes

  1. How to choose an electric bike

    How to choose an electric bike

    Electric bikes are all the rage with the modern bike rider, whether you’re zipping into the city on your commute or crushing trails with some extra assistance, everybody is jumping on an e-bike. It’s the fastest growing bike category in Australia as they tick a lot of boxes for every rider across the country. They allow you to ride further with less effort, which means that you don’t have to get in the car which is good for the environment, and aside from being practical they are also fun!

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  2. The Health Benefits Of Riding eBikes

    The Health Benefits Of Riding eBikes

    Electric bikes are fast, fun and help us ride for longer distances than ever before. It’s no surprise their popularity is going through the roof! However, a niggling doubt may remain for some: is riding an electric bike really cycling? If you really want to improve your fitness, should you just stick to a regular bike?

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