The brand new Apollo Exceed Disc is a lightweight flat bar bike, with endurance road bike DNA. Built for the dedicated commuter, or fitness enthusiast, the Apollo Exceed Disc features a comfortable riding position for speed and endurance.

The all-new carbon fork allows for wider tyre clearance, balancing performance with rider comfort.

The new Apollo Exceed Disc frame has been completely redesigned with a tapered head tube for stiffness and control, super-light butted alloy and lighter, and more compact, flat-mounted disc brakes. This leads to superior braking in all riding conditions on a lightweight frame.

This bike is sure to become a new favourite for the fitness enthusiast and commuter alike, and has just launched at 99 Bikes! Built to be fast and efficient, the Exceed is best suited to the roads and bike paths.

The Apollo Exceed Disc is available for test ride and purchase at 99 Bikes stores across Australia. You can also buy online and collect one from your local stores built up and ready to ride away. All of our bikes come with a free professional bike fit; guaranteed best price and 30 day perfect ride - which means you can ride it for 30 days and if you don't love it, you can swap it free.

99 Bikes Apollo Exceed Disc 2019 Woman Riding
99 Bikes Apollo Exceed Disc 2019 Bike Close Up

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