Fyshwick Bike Shop

153 Newcastle Street
Fyshwick ACT 2609
Phone: (02) 5134 2917
Email: fyshwick@99bikes.com.au

Opening Hours:
Mon 8:30am - 5:30pm
Tue 8:30am - 5:30pm
Wed 8:30am - 5:30pm
Thu 8:30am - 5:30pm
Fri 8:30am - 5:30pm
Sat 9:00am - 5:00pm
Sun 10:00am - 4:00pm

10th June : 10am - 4pm
10th June : 10am - 4pm
24th June : 9am - 2pm
6th June : 10am - 4pm
24th June : 12pm - 5:30pm
28th June : CLOSED
29th June : 2pm - 6pm
29th June 1pm - 6pm
11th August : 9am - 5:30pm
15th August : 12pm - 6pm
28th June : 2pm - 6pm
29th June : 2pm - 6pm
29th June : 9am - 2pm
10th August : 10am - 4pm
13th June : 10am - 4pm
27th June : CLOSED
29th June : 2pm - 5:30pm
10th August : 10am - 4pm
27th June : CLOSED
30th June : CLOSED
30th June : 1pm - 6pm
10th August : 10am - 4pm
29th June : 3pm - 6pm
10th August : 10am - 4pm
22nd June : 1pm - 6pm
10th August : 10am - 4pm
8th August : 10am - 4pm
28th June : 12pm - 6pm
10th August : 10am - 4pm
24th June: CLOSED
29th June : 1pm - 5:30pm
24th June : CLOSED
22nd June : CLOSED
23rd June: 1:30pm - 6pm
10th August : 10am - 4pm
23rd June : 1pm - 6pm
30th June : CLOSED
29th June : CLOSED
13th June : 10am - 4pm
28th June : CLOSED
2nd May : 10am - 4pm
22nd June : 12pm - 6pm
30th June : 2pm - 7pm
27th June: CLOSED
13th June : 10am - 4pm
13th June :10am - 4pm
30th June : 12pm - 6pm
22nd June : CLOSED

28th June : CLOSED
28th June : 2pm - 6pm
8th August : 10am - 4:00pm
28th July : CLOSED
23rd June : 4:30pm - 6pm
27th June : CLOSED
28th June : 1pm - 5:30pm
13th June : 10am - 4pm
24th June : 3pm - 6pm
22nd June : CLOSED
25th April : CLOSED
27th June : 1:30pm - 5:30pm
27th June : 2pm - 6pm
8th August : 10am - 4pm
23rd June 11:30am - 5:30pm


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Fyshwick Bike Shop

99 Bikes Fyshwick is conveniently located in Canberra on Newcastle St near Monaro Hwy and Canberra Ave, open 7 days a week. Offering Australia's largest range of bikes and everything you need from parts and accessories. Our Fyshwick bike shop has a huge range of bicycles, scooters bike parts, indoor trainers, cycling apparel, car racks, nutrition and everything else you could need. As a recognised e-bike expert store the staff have extensive training and one of the best ranges of electric bikes in Canberra. Our professional bike mechanics are on-site, offering servicing and repairs on all types of bikes including road, kids, mountain, and everything in between. Open 7 days a week, with late trading until 5:30pm on weeknights, and workshop drop-off from 8:30am Monday to Friday, 9:00am on Saturdays and 10:00am on Sundays. 99 Bikes offers the guaranteed best price on bikes, parts, clothing and accessories from world-leading brands such as Merida, Norco, Cube, BMC, Shimano, Wahoo, Garmin, Yakima and more. 99 Bikes is the bike shop for riders in Canberra's inner south, servicing Fyshwick, Symonston, Narrabundah, Griffth, Crestwood, Kingston, Pialligo, Oaks Estate and other inner Eastern Canberra areas.

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Meet the Team


Name: Dylan
Role: Team Leader
Expertise: E-Bikes, Mountain and a little bit of Road. Every day I'm learning something new and expanding my knowledge
What do you love about bikes?: Their ability to bring joy and excitement to all different kinds of people. Their positive environmental impact and the freedom you get when you're on two wheels.


Name: Michael
Role: Second In Charge
Expertise: I believe there is a bike for every situation and every person, and I love the challenge of finding that right fit for everyone! Come in and see me and we'll see if we can find that perfect bike!
What do you love about bikes?: I love getting out for a ride over some rough terrain! Whether that be cruising around on my gravel bike or testing my skills on my dual-suspension, I love being able to explore nature on my bike!


Name: Myles
Role: Sales Consultant
Expertise: Roadies and Time Trial/Triathlon bikes.
What do you love about bikes?: I love that bikes give you the freedom to get out and about to new places that you wouldn't have dreamt of going plus it is so much quicker than walking. I love the speed and suffering of riding tough routes.


Name: Julia
Role: Sales Consultant
Expertise: Road bikes and kid's bikes.
What do you love about bikes?: The amazing things about bikes is, that not only will it get you from A to B, but they will keep you fit and healthy while running your errands. You're able to enjoy nature and your surroundings, which makes bikes a great alternative to cars or public transport.


Name: Eden
Role: Sales Consultant
Expertise: I have experience riding mountain and BMX bikes since a young age. Due to this, I have some knowledge regarding dual-suspension mountain bikes as well as hardtails.
What do you love about bikes?: I have a little bit of experience within a few areas of cycling. I am very intrigued and infatuated by the concept of E-Bikes especially and hope to learn more.


Name: Harry
Role: Sales Consultant
Expertise: Road and gravel bikes.
What do you love about bikes?: I have always loved the freedom jumping on a bike gives you. But now more than anything I love going on tough rides with mates to earn a post ride snickers.


Name: Will
Role: Sales Consultant
Expertise: I have been riding mountain bikes since I was young, but am starting to move more into road biking as I have gotten older, and have good experience in both of these areas.
What do you love about bikes?: I love going for rides with mates and the freedom associated with exploring new areas around my local trails. Bikes allow for great social setting to challenge friends and push each other.


Name: John
Role: Sales Consultant
Expertise: Hardtail MTB, E-Bikes and Kids Bikes
What do you love about bikes?: As a Dutch guy I grew up with bikes all around me. I love that something so simple can be used for so many different purposes. There is literally a bike category for everybody! That's what excites me!


Name: Cath
Role: Workshop Team Leader
Expertise: Gravel and touring bike custom builds are my favourite, but working on any type of bike is a joy.
What do you love about bikes?: The joy they bring. Bikes enriches lives, and helping people enjoy their bikes is what motivates me. I'm particularly driven to see more women on bikes and more women in the bike industry.
Email: wtl.fyshwick@99bikes.com.au


Name: Daniel
Role: Mechanic
Expertise: Downhill and enduro mountain bikes are my specialty, but I love anything on 2 wheels.
What do you love about bikes?: Spending time on my bike is like meditation to me, it clears my mind, takes me away from the real world and brings you back down to earth, especially so when you run out of talent.


Name: Matt
Role: Mechanic
Expertise: As a keen mountain bike enthusiast, I am always eager to share my knowledge and learn more. Come and teach me a few things :)
What do you love about bikes?: Having raced at Thredbo Cannonball and some local CORC rounds, I've developed a love for MTB. Just you and the trail, dreams! No matter what kind of day it is, a ride is just what the doctor ordered!

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